20 Day Or Preliminary Notice Requirements And Laws On California Construction Projects

  • First Tier Subcontractors Having a Direct Contract With the Public Agency or Private Property Owner - Do Not Have to Serve a Preliminary Notice on Public Projects.
    • Caution - Play it Safe and Serve Notice.
  • Subcontractors and suppliers must ALWAYS Serve a Preliminary Notice
  • Notice - Must be Served on Prime Contractor and Public Agency on Public Jobs, or on Prime Contractor, Property Owner & Construction Loan Lender on Private Jobs
  • Methods of Service for 20- Day Preliminary Notice
    • Personal Service by process server or third party
    • First Class Mail Allowed on Public Project (Not on Private jobs)
    • If Mailing, Best Practice is by Certified Mail -Request Return Receipt
    • Contractor Place of Business - Do Not Mail to Job Site!
    • Check Contract Documents for Proper Public Entity and Owner & Lender
  • Are you a prime contractor or a subcontractor?
  • All persons who do not have a direct contract with the owner of the property - including material suppliers to a contractor or subcontractors and persons contracting with a tenant- are considered "subcontractors" for purposes of meeting the requirements of the Mechanics Lien Stop Notice and Payment Bond Laws.
  • Even if you are a licensed general contractor, you are considered to be a "subcontractor" for certain purposes under the California Mechanics Lien Law when your contract is not a direct contract with owner of the property, such as when a general contractor contracts with a tenant of the owner of the property on either public property or private property.
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