Private Construction Law, Construction Contracts, Claims, Mechanics Liens, and Disputes

California Construction Lawyers

Private Construction Contracts, Architects and Engineers Design Contracts, Building Permits, Subcontracts, Mechanics Liens, Design Professional Liens, Stop Notices, Changed and Unforeseen Conditions Claims, Change Order and Extra Work Claims, Unlicensed Contractor Issues, Copy Infringement, and all other Construction Disputes

  • Architect, engineer and design professional agreements and disputes
  • Design/build contracts
  • Home Improvement Contracts, Remodeling Contracts
  • Construction contract drafting and negotiation, including custom modification of AIA, AGC, and EJC form contracts and general conditions to comply with California Law
  • Workmanship, Building Code violation, Breach of Contract, and other performance disputes
  • Mechanics Liens, Stop Notices, Mechanics Lien Releases
  • Change order and extra work disputes
  • Delay Claims, Claims re failure to provide enough information, or plans that are not clear or complete
  • Claims another party delayed wrongfully interfered with the progress of work on a project
  • Scheduling issues which have caused delays or other problems
  • Unknown or undiscovered defects or unforeseen conditions problems with the property or conditions on the site have required extra time and costs to resolve
  • Termination of the contract by the owner or contractor for cause or for termination convenience, and amounts owed to or by the contractor upon contract termination
  • Termination of the contract or suspension of work by a contractor for cause or due to non-payment
  • Subcontracts and subcontractor disputes
  • Construction cost disputes, construction cost accounting, and audits
  • Liquidated damages and consequential damage claims, lost profits
  • Prompt payment gets, failure to pay disputes, and collection of money due
  • Mechanics lien, design professional liens, stop notice, and payment bond claims, construction loans
  • Defects in construction work or design defects
  • Unlicensed contractor refunds
  • Contracts and disputes with architects
  • Copyright Infringement in architectural drawings or plans, shop drawings, unauthorized use of drawings or plans
  • Builders Risk Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Surety bond issues and claims
  • Architect, engineer and design professional liability claims and defense
  • Contractor licensing issues and disputes, rights and potential liabilities of property owners and issues regarding the use of unlicensed contractors
  • Building Code and Planning Code issues, variances, appeals and other property development disputes
  • Arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, and litigation

We protect the interest of contractors, subcontractors, design professionals and of private residential and commercial property owners in design and construction contract negotiation and drafting, and in the many kinds of different disputes that frequently arise during the course of private construction projects.

If you are a Contractor Subcontractor, supplier, Design Professional, or are a  Commercial or Residential Property Owner involved in contract planning, contract negotiations, an on-going construction project, or in a dispute regarding the construction of a residential property construction or remodel project or a commercial project, you want experienced lawyers protect your interests.

You want an advocate who knows the law and has worked in construction for years, who understands, strategy and has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

At the Wolf Law Office, we offer over 25 years of experience handling a wide range of construction contracts and claims for clients throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.

Our principal attorney, George W. Wolff, worked in the construction industry before attending law school, acted as an arbitrator, advocate, and trial attorney on private and public construction jobs and brings a comprehensive understanding of the practical and legal issues related to construction contracts and disputes to our clients, helping you avoid or resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In our years of experience, we have built a comprehensive network of experts, from engineers and architectural consultants, scheduling consultants and accountants, waterproofing, and structural specialists.

We know how to prepare and present expert witness and other testimony and legal argument to protect your interests before State and Federal Administrative Agencies, Mediation, Arbitrators, Dispute Boards, and in State and Federal trial and Appellate Courts.

We also advise contractors, subcontractors, property owners and design professionals on professional licensing and disciplinary matters, and represent you in any proceeding before California State licensing boards, such as the Contractors State License Board, Architects Board, Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Department of Real Estate, and similar professional licensing agencies.

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Private Construction Law, Construction Contracts, Claims, Mechanics Liens, and Disputes Private Construction Law, Construction Contracts, Claims, Mechanics Liens, and Disputes

We meet with clients in the office for no charge, and can arrange Construction Site Visits by appointment.