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Practice Areas

Construction Contracts, Construction Defects, Public Contracts, Real Estate, Licensing, and Business Lawyers

Attorney Serving Clients Throughout California

At the Wolff Law Office, we offer over 25 years of experience to clients throughout the Bay Area and in Northern California, handling a wide range of construction issues and disputes involving private and public works contracts as well as real estate litigation.

An Overview of the Practice

Our lead attorney, George W. Wolff, worked in the construction industry before attending law school and brings a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues related to private and public works contracts and real estate matters to our clients, helping to assist you in avoiding or resolving disputes quickly and efficiently. Contact us or call us at 415-788-1881 to set up a free initial consultation.

Construction Defects, Design Defects, Leaks, Settlement, Structural Defects, Mold.

We protect the rights of property owners, condominium owners, homeowners associations and contractors and subcontractors in construction defect disputes, including claims involving water leakage or damages, building damages, plumbing or roofing defects, the installation of defective windows and all other defects. We have extensive experience in mediation arbitration and litigation proceedings, but can also protect your interests if your case goes to court. For more information, see our construction defects page.

Private Construction Contracts, Cause Orders, Extra Work Claims, Liens, and Disputes

We represent contractors, subcontractors and property and condominium owners in disputes arising during the course of construction, including claims involving extra work, delay claims, unforeseen conditions, change orders, mechanics' liens, stop notices, and all related issues and disputes.

We work closely with an extensive network of experts witnesses to prepare and present the best arguments to protect your interests. See our page on construction claims for additional information.

Government Public Works Contracts, Extra Work Claims, Delay Claims and Payment Disputes

We represent parties involved in disputes related to local, state, and federal public works or government contracts, including bid protests, payment or performance bond controversies, delay or extra work claims, and worksite disputes. We handle claims arising out of a wide range of public works projects, such as highways, schools, parks, office buildings, hospitals and restoration projects. For more information, see our page on public works contracts.

Business Counseling, Contracts and Litigation

We represent business, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, Limited Liability Companies, licensed professionals and individuals on business formation, operations, contracts, and dispute resolution of all types, including shareholder, partnership issues and disputes, contract drafting and enforcement, collections, and professional licensing and disciplinary proceedings. For more information, see our page on business counseling and litigation.

Government Purchasing and Services Contracts

We represent clients in matters involving government purchasing and service contract formation as well as contract disputes, including competitive bidding and bid protests, design-build contracts, supply contracts, procurement contracts, change orders, quality of work disputes debarment and other matters. For more information, see our page on government purchasing contracts.

Real Estate Contracts, Property and Condominium Disputes, and Litigation

We represent buyers, sellers and owners of residential and commercial real estate, handling a wide range of legal disputes, including claims involving contract issues, purchase/sale questions and failure to disclose matters, water rights, property encroachment, easements, title insurance issues, and condominium homeowners association issues. We handle breach of contract claims involving real estate, including actions for specific performance. To learn more, see our page on real estate litigation.

Professional Licensing Laws and Accusations, Subpoenas, and Proceeding for suspension or Revocation of Professional Licenses

We represent individuals and businesses, such as Real Estate and Insurance Brokers, Contractors, Design Professionals and others who are seeking or who hold California Professional Licenses to acquire and defend those licenses in government agency hearings and in court. For detail, see our Professional Licenses page.

To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, contact us via email or call us at 415-788-1881. We are available to meet with clients from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and evenings and weekends by appointment. If appropriate, we will make construction site visits.