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Construction Defect Claims and Litigation

California Condominium and Construction Defect Attorneys

Construction Defect Claims and Litigation

California Construction Defects Lawyers

Over 25 Years of Experience Handling Construction Defect Claims

Our Construction Defects Practice

We represent home owners, condominium owners, condominium associations, commercial building owners, and contractors in construction defect claims in the Bay Area and Northern California, suing to recover for damages or defending against claims alleging construction projects were not completed properly.

Construction Defect Claims and Litigation In addition to new homes and condominiums, we handle disputes involving remodels, commercial property and government construction projects.

We handle a broad range of all types construction defect disputes, including:

  • negligent site investigation
  • defective designs or plans
  • building code or housing code violations
  • express warranty and implied warranty claims
  • sub-standard workmanship and contractor negligence, violation of industry standards
  • water leakage or damage
  • defective roofing, flashing or window installation
  • toxic mold claims
  • electrical and mechanical defects
  • failures to follow plans and specifications
  • product and materials defects and failures
  • manufacturing defects in buildings components
  • physical damage to buildings
  • structural damage or errors
  • lateral or subadjacent support claims
  • land movement, landslides, building settlement, and flooding damages
  • seismic defects and earthquake safety
  • loss of use damages
  • fraud and misrepresentation claims
  • insurance claims and coverage issues
  • contractor licensing issues and restitution / repayment of amounts paid to unlicensed
  • contractors or contractors whose license was suspended or revoked
  • Calderon, AB 800 and contractors right to repair laws

If you are an owner of property condominium writ, or are a condominium homeowners association, or a contractor or subcontractor and you are involved in a dispute over defects in a newly constructed building, or the remodeling of an older home, condominium, or commercial or public building or structure, you want an experienced construction defect attorney to protect your interests. You want attorneys with the experience to protect your rights in any legal proceeding, who have successfully helped others in similar situations for many years.

At the Wolff Law Office, we offer over 25 years of experience to clients throughout the Bay Area and throughout Northern California, handling a wide range of construction defect claims involving both residential or commercial real estate, including condominium defects, defective new construction, defects in remodeling work, defective designs, defects in plans, engineering defects, etc.

Your purchase or construction contract or deed provisions may require you attempt to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration or other processes before going to court.

If your construction or real estate contract or purchase agreement calls for mediation or arbitration, as is common in California, or if you purchased a new home or condominium unit, you often must first attempt to resolve your disputes using those or other alternative methods. Attorney Wolff offers clients experience in both mediation and arbitration matters, having served as an arbitrator and counsel for parties in many construction matters both in Court and in mediation, arbitration and other claims processes, including AB800 and the Calderon law.

Mr. Wolff has degrees in Civil Engineering, has worked in construction in the field, and in his years of construction defect practice has built an extensive network of experts and outside consultants to help the firm investigate the claims and protect the rights of parties in construction defect claims. We work closely with construction consultants and defects experts, engineers, architects, accounting and water-proofing experts, among others, to prepare and present the best case to protect your interests.

To arrange a free initial consultation, contact us or call us at 415-788-1881. We are available to meet with clients from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and evenings and weekends by appointment. If appropriate, we will make property or construction site inspections.