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Government Contracts, Public Contracts, Public Works Construction Contracts, Purchasing Contracts, Architectural and Engineering Design Contracts, Services Contracts, Bidding, Requests for Proposals, Bid Protests, Negotiated Contracts, Small Business, SBE, DBE, LBE and DVBE certification and de-certification proceeding goals and Preference, Local Hire Requirements, Buying Green Requirements, Breach of Contract, Change Orders, Extra Work Claims, Prompt Payment Act, False Claims Act, and Whistleblower Litigation.

Lawyers Experienced in Federal, California and Local Government Public Contracts and Bidding Procurement, Payment Claims and Disputes.

Our government purchasing and public contract attorneys advise and represent the interests of government contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, suppliers, service companies and some government agencies in a wide range of government contract and public contract issues and disputes, including:

  • Competitive Bidding, Bids, Pre-Bid Bid Protests and Post-Award Bid Protests.
  • Request for Proposals.
  • Competitive Solicitations.
  • Responsive bids and Responsible bidders, Bidder pre-qualification disputes. Pre-Bid and Post-Award Bid Protests and Appeals.
  • Design-build contracts.
  • Services contracts, Supply contracts, Procurement contracts, Public Works Construction Contracts, Architectural and Design contracts.
  • Negotiated Contracts and Change Orders, Force Account claims.
  • Contract preferences and social programs, such as SBE, LBE, DVBE, SDVOSBE, DBE, and Local Hiring requirements, etc.
  • Subcontracts and Subcontactor Claims and Disputes, including Fair Practices Act and Subcontractor Listing and Subcontractor Substitution procedures.
  • Extra Work, Extra Time, and Delay and Disruption Claims.
  • Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds.
  • Cost accounting and disallowance disputes.
  • Prompt Payment Acts disputes and other payment disputes, Collections.
  • Quality of work disputes.
  • Post-performance audits.
  • Terminations for Cause and Terminations for Convenience.
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance, and Boards of Appeal proceedings. California Public Contract Code Requirements.
  • Government Code claims.
  • False Claims Act litigation/Whistleblower claims. Fraud investigations.
  • Mediation, Arbitration, Trials and Appeals.
  • Benefit From Our Experience in Bidding, Public Contracts and Dispute Resolution

Contracts for government projects or services can range from thousands of dollars to multi- millions of dollars. The process and contracts are complex and highly regulated, and technical.

Legal Issues can be highly complicated and cover laws and dispute processes not typically encountered by most regular business or contract attorneys.

Working with an experienced Public Contract lawyer can ensure your interests are protected - whether securing a bid, negotiating a contract or resolving disputes or claims through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

At the Wolff Law Office, we have extensive experience handling all aspects of government acquisition or purchasing contracts and services contracts for the State of California, cities, counties and special districts and with the Federal Government contracting agencies and Boards of Appeals. Our lawyers are adept at handling the competitive nature of government purchasing and California services and public works contracts.

In addition to his more than 25 years of legal experience, including as a former government attorney, principal attorney George W. Wolff has degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Management, and an M.B.A. degree, and he has the experience and knowledge that brings a unique perspective to handling government contracts. He understands the need for efficient resolution of disputes in order to avoid project delays and lengthy and expensive litigation. Contact an Experienced California Government Purchasing and Services Contracts Attorney.

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