Real Estate and Construction Arbitrator

Based on representation of individuals, professionals and businesses in the Construction and Real Estate industry for yearly 30 years, attorney George Wolff also offers his services to those parties and business as an independent and neutral Real Estate and Construction arbitrator, to resolve disputes between parties that they have been unable to resolve themselves or in mediation or through other settlement efforts.

Binding Arbitration is an alternative to a trial before a Court or Jury, where an experienced neutral person is hired by both (or all) parties to a dispute to hear the evidence and witnesses from each side in a private and informal setting. The arbitrator, after hearing all the testimony from each side and reviewing any documents or legal briefs submitted, then issues a binding written decision which resolves the dispute and explains the reasoning behind the decision.

Unlike a decision by a Court or Jury, an arbitrator decision is final, and cannot be appealed, except where it can be shown that the arbitrator was biased, corrupt, did not hear all the evidence, etc, An arbitration award is usually binding on the parties, and can be entered as a Judgment by any Court.

Usually, therefore, arbitration is a quicker, less expensive, more final, and less stressful way to have your dispute resolved then going through a full trial, possible appeals, and the like, which call often take years.

An arbitration is usually finally completed in months, rather than years.

While the parties to a dispute often have an attorney represent them in the arbitration hearings, there is no requirement to use an attorney, and in smaller disputes the parties often represent themselves.

Many Construction, Real Estate and other standard form contracts contain clauses which require the parties to arbitrate their disputes ( sometimes after first attempting to settle their dispute in mediation ), rather than litigating in Court.

Even if a contract does not contain an arbitration provision, the parties can still all agree in writing at any time to have their dispute resolved by an arbitrator, rather than by a trial in Court. And regardless of whether their contract provides for a particular association to handle the arbitration proceedings, the parties also can agree to have it arbitrated by someone else, to save costs and filing fees, or for any other reason.

Mr. Wolff served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, on the Public Works Contract Arbitration Panel of the California Office of Administration Hearings, and for the San Francisco, Alameda and Marin County, Superior Courts and the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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